Driving charges were dropped against Barry Du Bois

Driving charges were dropped against Barry Du Bois

Good news for the ex Stay presenter Barry Du Bois after Waverly Court today dismissed the driving charges and issued a fine.

Du Bois had been charged with driving while having his license suspended after being stopped by NSW Police on May 17 in Bondi. Police later discovered that his license had been suspended days earlier due to an unpaid fine associated with a car he had used as part of an ambassadorship for Mitsubishi.

Today he pleaded guilty to ‘administrative error’, admitting he received a text message from Revenue NSW but dismissed it as an attempt to scam.

News.com.au reports in his apology letter, Mr. Du Bois explained that the car was not in his possession at the time and he had not been notified of the toll fine because he was not the owner.

“He made a mistake, he got the text,” Magistrate Ross Hudson said today.

“It’s the best.”

Du Bois had a “limited” driving record with a “smattering of misdemeanors” and the magistrate highlighted his ongoing philanthropic efforts.

“My good character has now been vilified,” he said outside the courthouse.

Du Bois continues to battle cancer that resurfaced after a decade-long battle in 2017 and has garnered widespread support from fans and peers.