Does Jason Derulo know how The Voice works?

Does Jason Derulo know how The Voice works?

“So Jason welcome to The Voice!” was Rita Ora’s exaxperated dig at her fellow coach Jason Derulo who seemed to be bending the rules at every turn last night.

The US singer was either milking the show for all the drama, or appeared incapable of making a decision over some of his acts in the first of two Battle episodes.

Admittedly he had some top singers, but the format is the format, it’s what you’re here for.

Having previously been unable to choose between singers Callum Warrender and Alex Jeans (where producers agreed to a three way sing-off) both were pitted against opera singer Andrew Taylor Knight.

For Knight that meant his previous chances of a 50 / 50 pass were diluted to 33.3%. Bummer.

After all three sang a most impressive version of You Raise Me Up, Derulo was unable to choose a winner. He asked for more time, which was granted.

Later in the show all three returned awaiting his verdict, whereupon Derulo surprised them once more.

“Genuinely, I’ve been racking my brain all night about this decision,” he told them.

“I want the decision to be yours, not mine.”

What is this, Hunger Games?

Instead of choosing one winner, Derulo suggested all three proceed as a newly-formed trio.

“So Jason welcome to The Voice!” Ora exclaimed (along with possibly half the viewing audience) “where we basically have to make decisions.”

“Separately, you’re really unbelievable,” he continued. “Together as a group? You guys are unstoppable.

“So my question to you: Will the three of you, as a unit, join me for the semi finals?

“It is totally and utterly your decision. Two of you go home tonight or the three of you continue on to the semi final.”

Thankfully the three consulted and rejected his idea.

“We have discussed (it) and the offer is so incredible, and I think it just warms our hearts that you think that’s even a possibility for us as a unit to grow even bigger together,” Callum said.

“But together, we have decided that we are singular artists and we believe in ourselves.”

Bravo Callum. At least someone around here can make a bloody decision. That’s how auditions work, Jason.

In the end Derulo chose Callum Warrender.

It was all part of the confected drama which the show clearly loves, so I doubt anyone up top is complaining too loudly.

For the record, this will not be the only rule-bending still to come on the show….