“Do we have a problem with people leaving?”

“Do we have a problem with people leaving?”

On Friday ABC Managing Director David Anderson was quizzed about the departure of a number of high profile presenters.

ABC Radio Melbourne’s Raf Epstein cited the departures of Stan Grant, Tracey Holmes, Mary Gearin, Madeleine Morris, Andrew Probyn, asking “Do we have a problem with people leaving?”

“I don’t think so,” Anderson replied. “I think that people will leave from time to time. This year we announced changes with regard to our staff base as well as some of what it is that we were doing. We had to do that for two reasons. One was that our indexation wasn’t keeping up with rising costs and the other one was strategically investing in our future. With that comes some change, and yes, we have had quite a lot of change this year with regard to high profile people. You’re right.”

Epstein noted Stan Grant and Andrew Probyn’s exits were “compelling stuff… they’re not easy to replace.”

“That is true, though there are two different specific circumstances, with regard to them both,” Anderson continued.

“But look, we’ve got a great many people at the ABC who do wonderful things… which I have to say, we’ve got good depth of talent of people coming through. So I don’t think we’re in trouble with that. I’ve been at the ABC for a while now and I use see talent rise and then occasionally then leave.”

“None of that’s been mishandled in your view?” asked Epstein.

“No, I don’t believe that’s been mishandled.”