Directors Guild of America members approve new deal

Directors Guild of America members approve new deal

Members of the Directors Guild of America voted overwhelmingly for a new film and TV deal as the writers’ strike enters its eighth week.

Expiration reports the vote was 87% in favor against 13% against, with 6,728 votes out of 16,321 eligible (41%). According to the guild, “The level of turnout surpassed any previous DGA ratification vote.”

“I am proud to announce that DGA members have come together to ratify a new contract that will allow every director, assistant director, unit production manager, associate director and stage manager to share in the success of what we create,” said the president of the DGA. Leslie Linka Glatter.

“Our new contract secures salary earnings, global streaming residuals, safety, diversity and creative rights that build for the future and impact every category of our Guild member. The strength of our new contract is a testament to our Negotiating Committee Chair Jon Avnet, Negotiating Co-Chairs Karen Gaviola and Todd Holland, National Executive Director Russell Hollander, and our outstanding professional staff.

Acknowledging the ongoing writers’ strike and ongoing contract negotiations between SAG and AFTRA, he added that “the DGA did not negotiate in a vacuum. We are united with writers, actors and all crew members in our shared struggle to move our industry forward. We support actors who are in talks and writers who remain on strike, and we will stand with IATSE and the Teamsters as they negotiate their deal next year. We won’t be satisfied until we all have fair contracts that reward us for our creative work – we need to create a vibrant, sustainable industry that values ​​us all fairly.”

Australian screenwriters recently joined a global day of action in support of striking members of the WGA.