Declan misses the MasterChef final

Declan misses the MasterChef final

Brent Draper and Rhiannon Anderson will compete in the Master Chef Australia grand final after Declan Cleary was eliminated in the semifinals.

The contestants had to self-serve nearly 70 appetizer, main course and dessert dishes to 20 diners and the judges.

With 4 hours to prepare, Rhiannon was voted best starter and Brent voted best main course.

That left Declan to score best dessert to have a chance in the finals.

Declan served the beignets with a pandan coconut custard, charred pineapple and tamarind caramel. The judges agreed that her choux was 10 out of 10, however her custard was undercooked, leaving it chalky in texture and taste.

Bows in the contest in third place.

Sunday’s grand finale will also mark the final episode featuring the late Jock Zonfrillo, who tragically died on the eve of the season premiere.

7pm Sunday 10am. NB: Winners results are posted live Sunday AEST.