David Letterman returns to Ed Sullivan Theater

David Letterman returns to Ed Sullivan Theater

Former US Late Show presenter David Letterman made his return to The Ed Sullivan Theater for the fist time in more than 8 years, to a standing ovation from the audience of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

When asked what he missed about hosting a late night show, Letterman said, “I miss everything…. Mostly, it’s fun.

“Very few things in life provide one the opportunity—and I can’t speak for you on this topic—but for me, if you muck one up, 24 hours later, you get to try again and that’s a pretty good device. “

While back at the Ed Sullivan Theater, he applauded Colbert saying, “It’s not easy but you make it look very easy, so congratulations to you and your entire staff.”

Letterman currently hosts My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix.