Dance dives as Ashes pushes 9GEM to the biggest Sunday channel

Dance dives as Ashes pushes 9GEM to the biggest Sunday channel

With a whopping 20.7% share, 9GEM took the largest channel share on Sunday, outpacing all other channels including main channel Nine.

This was due to the Ashes series: second round with an average of 722,000 subway spectators.

dancing with the Stars it was down last Sunday but still outpaced entertainment at 582,000 then 60 minutes (544,000), from 7.30pm Master Chef Australia (463,000), 10 minutes ABC News Video Lab (299,000) and Great designs revisited (234,000 from 7.40pm).

Later they were The murder of Lyn Dawson (290,000), 7News headlines (280,000), FBI (172,000), Limbo (162,000) e Dan Snow’s Greatest Discoveries (117,000).

Network Nine won easily Sunday with 41.7%, then Seven 25.4%, 10 14.8%, ABC 10.2% and SBS 8.0%.

Nine news (832,000) was a best for Nine with Wimbledon up to 77,000 network-wide.

Seven news it was number 1 with 932,000. The last one it drew 161,000 then Born to Kill (91,000).

The Sunday Project pulled 251,000 / 169,000 for 10. 10 news first it was 183,000 / 178,000. NCIS: Hawaii they were 99,000.

ABC News he scored 476,000. Compass they were 134,000.

On SBS it was News from the SBS world (170,000 / 97,000), Bettany Hughes: Treasures of Western Türkiye (116,000) e Tour of France (87,000).

In Total TV last Sunday’s numbers were:

Silent witness: 618,000
Ash series: 982,000
Master Chef Australia: 731,000
Rush: 532,000
Dancing with the Stars: 1.12 m

OzTAM Overnight stays: Sunday 9 July 2023.