Crime drama Last Man Standing in development

Crime drama Last Man Standing in development

A new crime drama Last Man Standing, based on a memoir by former armed robber and heroin dealer Graham ‘Abo’ Henry, is in development.

Daily Mail reports it will focus on the 35 years from the mid-1970s that Henry spent running with Sydney’s heaviest crooks, many of whom who were portrayed in the famed Blue Murder series.

Last Man Standing is an updated version of Abo: A Treacherous Life, published in 2005 and the inspiration for 2012 drama series The Straits, featuring Brian Cox, Aaron Fa’Aoso and Firass Dirani.

The title refers to Henry being the last of his crew still standing.

Aaron Fa’Aoso (pictured) is also the founder of Lone Star Productions which is developing the project with Verdict Film Group, and Daniel Scharf (Romper Stomper).

Verdict Film Group founder Cameron James Miller said, “We’re very excited about the project.

“After reading his story I was just amazed about what he’s gone through and as he says in his book he’s still standing which is just incredible.

“I really love the story’s spiritual side of things and I wanted to tell the story of what he went through as a child because we’re all a product of our environment.

“Finding out he was Aboriginal when he was 65 years old – it’s just a phenomenal story.”

A broadcaster is yet to be confirmed.

Last Man Standing was previously the title of a 2005 drama with Rodger Corser, Matt Passmore and Travis McMahon as well as a 2011 Tim Allen comedy.

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