Court waives fines for Vince Colosimo

Court waives fines for Vince Colosimo

Actor Vince Colosimo was awarded a $58,000 fine by Melbourne Magistrates’ Court after the court heard he was financially destitute and mentally ill.

THE Under the belly, Wogboy AND Celebrity apprentice Star had accrued 169 unpaid infractions consisting mostly of toll tickets, driving violations, speeding and more than $30,000 in additional fees, the court heard.

Age carries over Victoria Legal Aid lead attorney Julia Munster told the court that Colosimo had been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and depressive disorders, which she had suffered from for a decade, and was financially destitute with no assets other than a car from $5000 and a bicycle.

The court acknowledged that Colosimo, who appeared via video link, has sufficient mental disorder to impede his ability to meet their payment.

But Colosimo will still have to pay $3858.60 through 101 hours of community work over a 12-month period.

He had been a volunteer at the bullying prevention charity Bully Zero Australia Foundation, where he had been helping for six hours a week for the past six weeks. He also saw a psychologist.

None of the evidence presented by Colosimo’s defense has been disputed by the sheriff’s office lawyers.

Colosimo was facing prison time for unpaid fines, however the magistrate felt that this would be burdensome and detrimental to his efforts to improve himself.

Under Victoria’s Fines Reform Act, a magistrate can dismiss unpaid fines for a variety of reasons, including if he is satisfied that the person has a mental or intellectual impairment or is in a special circumstance.

Additional source:, ABC