Court shown video of Andrew O’Keefe arrest

Court shown video of Andrew O’Keefe arrest

Former Chase host Andrew O’Keefe returned to Downing Centre Local Court for the continuation of a hearing over charges including common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resisting a police officer and contravening an AVO.

The charges, which he denies, relate to an alleged incident in September 2021.

Police body camera footage showed multiple angles of an arrest.

In the footage O’Keefe says he’s been in contact with police and had made plans to make a statement with his lawyer the following Monday.

But the situation then appears to deteriorate when O’Keefe insists he needs to retrieve his medication, referring to being “without it for three days last time”.

“This is a very simple request, why are you being such f***ing Nazis about it?” O’Keefe yells.

As the argument about retrieving medication continues, he complains about a fundamental denial of human rights and calls police “idiots”.

Officers take him into the hallway and place handcuffs on him, and he is told to “stop resisting”.

“I’m not resisting, I just want to get my f***ing meds,” he said.

O’Keefe complains about his head being “pushed” against a wall, to which an officer replies that O’Keefe was spitting.

“I’m not spitting on you,” he said.

“It’s a f***ing police state we live in.”

In an elevator, he complained about his treatment and demanded the names of the officers.

Outside, he is searched and put in the back of a police truck.

“This is a f***ing outrage,” he said, complaining about his handcuffs being too tight.

“Seriously, my fingers are f***ing numb.”

One officer again tells him to “calm down”.

O’Keefe replies: “You cut my blood supply, I’m supposed to be calm.”

Another section of footage showed O’Keefe in a police station complaining about previously being “pushed” against the wall.

Chief Inspector Gary Coffey told the magistrate the accused was arrested because he was wanted for breaching an AVO and an assault, which constituted serious alleged offences.

Family-friend of O’Keefe’s for 45 years, Daniel Moscari, told the court when he spoke to his friend in early October and found out about the charges, he felt he had to come forward and confess about the drug possession.

“It was my stuff, not his,” Mr Moscari told the court.

Mr Moscari told the court he had gone to O’Keefe’s apartment in December 2021 for “pre-Christmas drinks” and had taken with him the bag of drugs, which were coloured light brown.

Sergeant Cleaver put to him the possibility he had come to court to give false evidence to protect his friend, O’Keefe.

“Absolutely not,” Mr Moscari said.

“I’ve just come out of custody I don’t want to have another drug charge…I have a moral compass.”

O’Keefe has pleaded guilty to the AVO breach, but denies guilt in relation to the other charges.

Police previously withdrew six charges against O’Keefe over a separate, January 2022 incident at his apartment after the alleged victim and sole prosecution witness left the country.

In that case, police alleged O’Keefe choked a 38-year-old woman before punching and kicking her.

The hearing continues.

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Source: ABC, Daily Telegraph