Coffee break drama on The Block

Coffee break drama on The Block

Neighbors of The blockcurrently taking place in Hampton East, they are no longer being offered free coffees after the show’s adjacent McCafe was reportedly stopped from handing them out to locals.

The branded café, which is set up each season to feed the crew and promote takeaways, is this year on the veranda of a house used as a production base on Charming Street.

Umbrellas and tables have been erected for the traders as they sip their coffees and drink the odd McMuffin.

But while selling coffee would require a municipal permit, Daily mail reports a local was unhappy with a precedent this could set for commercial businesses to evade permits in residential areas.

Since then, locals no longer get free coffee, and McCafe is sticking to it To block Staff only.

“It was a great meeting place to not only meet other neighbors but also to talk to the workers and find out what was going on with The block”, said a neighbor.

“So someone screwed it up for all of us. It is a pity.

Sounds like a possible storyline if someone caught it all on camera. What do you say, Scott Cam?