Cast, synopsis for Warnie miniseries.

Cast, synopsis for Warnie miniseries.

Don’t be surprised if Nine drops a promo for its upcoming drama Varna tonight during his State of origin coverage.

The two-part event starring Alex Williams is getting closer to its premiere date on Nine.

Here’s the main cast and synopsis for the Screentime drama.

The series is written by Matt Ford and directed by Geoff Bennett.

Warnie, as he was affectionately known, transcended cricket. People who otherwise have no feeling for the game are suddenly warmed at the mention of his name. Clearly, millions adored him, given the huge outpouring of emotion over his tragic and untimely passing. Warnie was a regular kid from the suburbs who became the best in the world. He possessed a rare gift: a genius for spin-bowling. A rare, almost mystical art form. He completely changed the game of cricket. Shane Warne loved life. He absolutely ate it. He loved people and they loved him back. And despite everything, he remained true to himself. He lived to be a legend, an icon. And this is his story.

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Night One
Shane Warne’s journey: from cheeky suburban kid to sports megastar.
Shane Warne is a quirky kid from suburban Melbourne who dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. As a naturally gifted teenage athlete, he’s well on his way to fulfilling his dream, until his rejection causes his world to fall apart. Shane manages to go back, into a different sport – cricket. He commits himself, works on his trade, learns from the best and finally makes the national team. From there he becomes a superstar of the game. With his he larrikin attitude and he competitive spirit he brings a whole new level of excitement, danger and enjoyment to the sport, becoming famous all over the world. But life for an elite sportsman can be incredibly unpredictable, and with a lapse or two in judgment, Shane puts his entire career at risk. A genius on the pitch, can he survive the crises that face him off the pitch?

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Second night
Struggling with injury and the unrelenting gaze of the public, Shane struggles to keep it all together. Shane’s career has reached unimaginable heights. Now, a simple mistake finds him facing the biggest crisis ever. In the media spotlight, Shane faces controversy both on and off the court as his body struggles to cope with the immense strain of a huge physical and mental workload. As his critics grow louder and the competition fiercer, Shane fights to keep his family together and secure his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time.

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