Bluey edits the episode after audience backlash

Bluey edits the episode after audience backlash

An episode of Blue which grabbed the headlines for being re-edited by producers Ludo Studio.

In the Exercise BlueBandit’s dad weighs himself in the bathroom, grabs his tummy and claims he needs to exercise while mom Chilli also expresses dissatisfaction with her weight.

On social media, opinions were divided, with some saying the message was not positive, while others thought it reflected real life.

According to, pediatric dietitian Dr Kyla Ringrose said: ‘Watching Bandit and Chilli weigh themselves and openly hating their bodies in front of children was really uncomfortable.’

In a statement, ABC said, “The recent episode of Blue, Exercise, was re-released by ABC following a decision by the program’s creators. The new version gives families the opportunity to handle important conversations their way.

“Like the house of BlueABC supports the decision to re-edit the show and we have updated the episode on our platforms.

“BBC Studios will use this revised version for global distribution and will also support this decision.”