Blow Up last in the slot behind SBS… while prime time follows Sunrise.

Blow Up last in the slot behind SBS… while prime time follows Sunrise.

Yesterday afternoon OzTAM issued the VOZ numbers for Monday’s viewing which saw the new of Seven Jump fill a gap with The summit once national and BVOD data are added.

But that may not be enough to save the show as its new Overnight data for Tuesday is pretty dire.

The show finished fifth in its slot behind SBS…even Sunrise in the morning he drew a better number.

All of this is distracting attention The summit which is also underperforming in Overnights for Nine. It was better news for 10 leaders in two evening slots and their demos.

Master Chef Australia raised to 492,000 then 7:30 (438,000), The summit (428,000), The ABC’s of (338,000), Who do you think you are? (243,000) e Jump (224,000).

After The cheap seats it was then ahead of 399,000 Ningaloo Nyinggulu (327,000) e The rescue (208,000).

Nine network won Tuesday with 28.4%, then Seven 24.9%, 10 19.2%, ABC 17.4% and SBS 10.1%.

Nine news (835,000/813,000) was the best for Nine with A current deal to 666,000. Hot seat he drew 440,000 / 263,000.

Seven news was number 1 with 945,000 / 881,000 while Hunting surpassed entertainment (552,000) and Away from home they were 440,000. The rookie it was 191,000 then The Rookie: Feds (194,000).

The project pulled 302,000 / 209,000 for 10. 10 news first it was 227,000 / 168,000 with NCIS extension to 140,000.

ABC News he drew 573,000. Monsters or medicines? (184,000) e The drum (151,000) followed.

On SBS it was Intuition (159,000), News from the SBS world (141,000 / 114,000), date (105,000) and Mind (90,000).

Peppa Pig LED multi-channel at 132,000.

Sunrise: 226,000
Today: 192,000
News Breakfast: 91,000 / 39,000

In Total TV last Tuesday’s numbers were:

The good doctor: 508,000
NCIS extension: 265,000
Who do you think you are?: 378,000
Master Chef Italy: 875,000
The farmer wants a wife: 1.12 m
Frozen Planet II: 450,000

OzTAM Overnight stays: Tuesday 16 May 2023