Ben Roberts-Smith resigns from Seven

Ben Roberts-Smith resigns from Seven

Ben Roberts-Smith has resigned from Seven, where he has been managing director of Seven Queensland since 2015.

Guardian Australia reports that Seven CEO James Warburton wrote to the staff:

“As you all know, the ruling in the defamation case was handed down yesterday,” he said.

“Ben has been on leave while the case has been ongoing and has offered his resignation today, which we have accepted.

“We thank Ben for his commitment to Seven and wish him all the best.”

Yesterday, an earl dismissed his libel suit brought against Nove-owned newspapers.

Roberts-Smith was hired in 2015 first as Deputy GM for Queensland but was quickly made GM of Seven Queensland and then GM of Seven Brisbane.

He stepped aside in 2021 to focus on the lawsuit, but was expected to return after the defamation case.

Roberts-Smith is believed to be currently in Bali.