Ashes delivers another week to Nine.

Ashes delivers another week to Nine.

Nine got another week of ratings thanks largely to the Ashes: second test which attracted up to 770,000 tube viewers.

Nine won in its second successive week in Perth, by just 0.3% over Seven, but were denied clean placement with Adelaide dropping back to Seven.

dancing with the Stars it was the top entertainment attraction for the week with 647,000.

However it must be said the reality shows Rush AND Million dollar island are underperformers for Nine and Seven, respectively, outperformed by Master Chef and ABC 7:30.

Nine: 33.2
Seven: 27.6
ABC: 14.5
SSB: 9.4

Main channel:
Nine: 19.8
Seven: 19.2
ABC: 10.3
SSB: 5.5

9GEM: 8.3
7TWO: 3.3
7 mad: 2.9
10 bold: 2.8
10 Fishing: 2.6
ABC Kids TV Plus: 2.3
9GO!: 2.1
9Life / ABC News: 1.6
7flix/9RUSH: 1.4
SBS World Movies: 1.1
SBS food: 1.0
7 good: 0.9
10 Shake: 0.7
SBS world clock: 0.0

Seven marked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Nine won on Sunday, Thursday and Friday.

Nine won Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Seven won in Adelaide.

Last week’s top brands were:

Nine: Nine news (Sun: 862,000), Ashes series: second round (Day 5 S1: 770,000), A current deal (622,000) e Hot seat (409,000).

Seven: Seven news (930,000), dancing with the Stars (647,000), Hunting (568,000) e Better houses and gardens (429,000).

10: Have you been paying attention? (604,000), Master Chef Australia (Mon: 508,000), The cheap seats (374,000) e The Sunday Project (7pm: 299,000).

ABCs: ABC News (534,000), Utopia (523,000), Secondary roads (517,000) e Gruen (485,000).

SSB: Great Coastal Rail Journeys (159,000), News from the SBS world (153,000), Intuition (145,000) e Robson Green’s weekend getaways (134,000).