Ally Langdon calls “bullshit” on Sarah Abo’s early morning rise

Ally Langdon calls “bullshit” on Sarah Abo’s early morning rise

At Friday’s Nine media event in Melbourne, Ally Langdon hosted when Today‘s Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo took to the stage.

It didn’t take long for the barbs to fly, soon after Sarah Abo was asked about her transition from 60 Minutes to Today.

“I feel like this year I have a better handle on it now. I have a better understanding of the role, the early wake-ups…. I’ve said it a million times before, I’m a bit of a night owl so 60 Minutes suited me perfectly. We didn’t have a schedule, there was no routine. I was fine by that,” said Abo.

“But now waking up at 3am every morning it’s a bit of a challenge, an adjustment. But I reckon about 6 months in last year I felt like I sprung out of bed, so to speak.

“No that’s bullshit!” Langdon interjected. “No-one springs out of bed at 3am, Sarah Abo!”

“I don’t spring out of anywhere,” Karl Stefanovic offered. “It’s a huge transition and it takes a huge toll. I’m incredibly proud of both of you.

“For you (Ally) moving onto A Current Affair and slaying it is an absolute endorsement of what you can do as a person…”

“I don’t think you made it easy for (Sarah). You slipped off a surfboard and you were on endymes for 8 months.”

“As you keep telling me I was never there,” Langdon joked.

Stefanovic said he was proud of Abo adding “Even what happened on Carols…last year was great preparation for that.

“I’d like to think I prepared her for any eventuality.”

“Chaos,” Abo suggested.

As to the 3am calls Stefanovic said it was “Mainly the alarm screaming at me,” that got him out of bed. “And my wife kicking me in the back.”

He also poke to the camaraderie between the Today team.

“We went out to dinner last night and Sarah got poleaxed,” he joked.

“I was just following your lead,” she noted.

Stefanovic had the last word.

“We have a great team of people at this network. And we do hang out,” he said.

“I mean there are people in the past who we don’t hang out with anymore…”