ABC: ‘We will always listen to audience feedback’

ABC: ‘We will always listen to audience feedback’

ABC has rejected suggestions of systemic bias and says audience feedback shows people are invested in the broadcaster.

ABC chief executive David Anderson last week launched a five-year plan for the Perth public broadcaster.

Speaking on ABC Radio in Perth, the head of ABC was asked whether the broadcaster was guilty of bias?

“We don’t have a political position that is one way or the other. Our job is to be fair and accurate, to host discussions and debates and to represent the diversity of perspectives of the Australian community. This is our job. It’s in our Charter, and that’s what we’re there to do. Sometimes that pisses people off and I accept criticism when that happens,” she said.

“As far as systemic bias and ABC-no, I respectfully disagree that we do. When people give us specific complaints about this, we investigate. We now have an independent Ombudsman adjudicating on this, who reports directly to the Council. I don’t see, however statistically, which upheld complaints suggest that we are.

ABC management recently announced an overhaul of racial and discriminatory behavior within the station, sparked by criticisms of Stan Grant that management failed to publicly defend him after coverage of the coronation.

The review will listen to past and present staff impacted by racial abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination or antisocial behavior.

When asked if the public broadcast was “an easy target” for criticism, Anderson said that people caring about ABC was a wonderful attribute.

“I listen to criticism. I want to hear what people think. The fact that people criticize because they want ABC to be the best it can be, I think that’s good. So we will always listen to audience feedback,” she continued.

“I receive reports. i can see it. I can see what people call and they tell people that they (are) actually on, what I would call, the ABC switchboard, the audience support team. As well as those other editorial complaints. I think it is very valuable.

“If people take the time to give you feedback, you should listen to it.”