ABC review to hear from staff affected by racism, discrimination.

ABC review to hear from staff affected by racism, discrimination.

ABC has announced a review of racism affecting staff, following abuse directed against D+R hosts Stan Grant.

The review will listen to past and present staff impacted by racial abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination or antisocial behavior.

An ABC spokesperson said: “ABC Chief Executive David Anderson, in consultation with the Bonner Committee, has announced a review to investigate and make recommendations about ABC’s responses to racism affecting staff and what further support can be provided to staff who are subjected to racism or other forms of discriminatory behaviour.

“Mr. Anderson consulted today with senior heads of ABC diversity on how the review team will work and who will lead it. Current and former employees will be invited to share their experiences.

“ABC has zero tolerance for racism in the workplace, as well as bullying, harassment, discrimination or any antisocial behavior. All ABC employees deserve to feel welcomed, included, supported and safe in their workplace. Any such behavior is investigated when complaints are made and actions taken when warranted.

Former ABC employee Sami Shah has previously cited racism within ABC, including from management, while Osman Faruqi pointed to a lack of diversity between management and the board.

David Anderson told a Senate Estimates hearing this week, “As former ABC employees, that’s pretty troubling to hear. …over the last three years we’ve definitely looked at who we are as an organization. We have issued goals in our diversity inclusion plan. We have created different structures. We have established a network of diversity advocates. We’ve built resources for the people within the organization, we’ve increased the diversity of the organization over that time. I don’t suggest by any stretch of the imagination that the job is done or that we’ve done enough. Is never enough. Our job is to reflect the community we serve and that is our goal. In terms of content, we’ve also issued our diversity committee guidelines, which again need to reflect what people see from ABC. It should reflect the community back on itself.”

Yesterday ABC chair Ita Buttrose said: “Our audience research shows us that 75% of people think our content reflects Australia’s diversity. I think what management needs to do is make sure they support the people making that content when they are subjected to racist behavior. It’s unacceptable and I’m appalled at what Stan has been through. If I had known earlier, I would have told him about it. But I didn’t know that and I don’t think many of us did until quite late in the piece.