ABC resets diversity goals for 2023-2026

ABC resets diversity goals for 2023-2026

ABC has released its Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Plan 2023 – 2026 which reveals that the broadcaster has 12.9% who identify as LGBTQIA of its 4419 total employees.

They are the first numbers revealed through voluntary identification as the broadcaster seeks to identify and increase diversity among its workforce over the next five years.

While ABC has an ABC Pride employee group, it hasn’t set any goals for LGBTQIA+ staffing levels, while it has clear goals for other underrepresented groups.

ABC’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging plan focuses on five key pillars, including inclusion in practice; a diverse workforce; inclusive content, products and services; connection with indigenous and diverse communities; accountability and transparency.

These are the main achievements among the personnel (targets in brackets):

Women: 55.4%
Males: 44.1%

Women in executive roles: 55.4% (50%)
Women in technology roles: 24.2% (25%)

Total CALD Roles: 25.7% (N/A)
Roles of CALD content creators: 24.2% (30%)
CALD executive roles: 20.4% (30%)

LGBTQIA+: 12.9% (N/A)
Disability: 5.4% (8%)
Indigenous: 3.3% (3.4%)
Different Gender: 0.5% (N/A)

ABC’s goals for CALD (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse) people have tripled since 2020, while it is still underperforming in the disability sector.

ABC also organized an anti-racism and discrimination campaign for December 2023, following the headlines of past and present staff affected by racial abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination or antisocial behavior.

Annual diversity and inclusion symposia are held every September with a disability action plan for December 2024 and partnership with First Nations Media Australia and First Languages ​​Australia by December 2025.

ABC also has the Bonner Committee and the Standing Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and works with:

  • Reconciliation Australia
  • Australian Disability Network
  • Pride in diversity
  • Champions of Change Coalition
  • Diversity Council of Australia
  • Screen Diversity Inclusion Network – The Everyone Project

ABC will be hiring a specialist recruiting consultant to focus on increasing the inclusion of diverse candidates and will be recruiting cultural guidance consultants across content divisions to guide cultural inquiries from content producers.

ABC will continue to monitor diversity in content across gender, Indigenous, CALD, disability and LGBTQIA+ and will be used to inform editorial decision-making. In 2021 ABC released the Diversity and Inclusion Guidelines for the Content Committee.

ABC will also caption all video content, regardless of platform, and create audio description for at least 14 hours of key TV programming and ABC iview per week (the latter has not increased from 2020 levels despite recent government funding to continue the its AD program).

ABC Chief Executive David Anderson said: “ABC has been telling and sharing the stories of Australians for more than 90 years and we are committed to reflecting the rich diversity of the nation.

“This plan builds on the solid foundation for diversity we’ve already created and adopts ‘inclusion in practice’ as a core principle.

“ABC is committed to fostering a culture that values ​​the experiences and knowledge of all employees and to creating a respectful environment where all are welcome.”

You can read the full plan Here.