ABC Insiders move to Canberra

ABC Insiders move to Canberra

Insiders relocates to Canberra after 21 years of filming in Melbourne.

Guardian Australia reports that it will be filmed at Canberra’s Northbourne studio from July with savings on travel, as the vast majority of guests on the Sunday morning show fly in and stay overnight.

Presenter David Speers has recently returned to Canberra from Melbourne, where he lived during his SKY News years.

ABC News Deputy Editor Gaven Fang said: “Around 70% of the programme’s regular panelists are based in Canberra and this change would allow us to be more flexible and responsive to news events.

Insiders it started in Melbourne over 21 years ago and I know many people at Southbank have worked on the program or collaborated with the team, including me.

Insiders it is one of our most successful programs, and we believe its future is best served by bringing it to the nation’s capital and seat of federal government, where the vast majority of our guests and speakers live and work.”

Executive producer Sam Clarke, will remain in Melbourne and fly to Canberra each week for the show, while two ABC Melbourne production jobs may be affected.

An ABC News spokesperson said: “Canberra is where Australia’s big national decisions are made and where decision makers and most Insiders guests and speakers, are based.

“It makes sense that there is also the program. It means that we are much closer to the action of Parliament, but also of the Press Office, the Public Service, the Diplomatic and Defense Corps”.

Insiders began in 2001 with host Barrie Cassidy with David Speers taking over the host duties from 2020, after Fran Kelly and Annabel Crabb worked.