ABC denies delayed impact of news in the West

ABC denies delayed impact of news in the West

ABC denied media reports that its upcoming national Sunday 7 p.m. bulletin will be delayed for viewers in WA.

The West Australian claimed “viewers in WA will get two-hour news, which extends to three during daylight saving time.”

But when ABC announced its plans for a new Sunday bulletin last month, it confirmed that the bulletin would be updated in all markets across all time zones.

ABC said in a statement yesterday, “There will be no loss of state coverage. Currently, the Sunday bulletin at 7 pm reports two local stories on average. As part of these initiatives we would continue to cover key local stories and add state border and other local stories on the ABC News website.

“We will also continue to have dedicated local editions during major news events, such as state elections and other major local events. If there is a fire, flood, or emergency affecting a location in the state, we can increase coverage to cover television audiences.

“Changes to the Sunday 7.00pm bulletin will not result in any job losses. State and territory teams will retain full reporting staff on weekends and continue to comprehensively cover local stories across our digital platforms throughout the day.’

Local stories about state border will be part of an expanded Friday 7pm news bulletin available on-demand, digital and on ABC social.

ABC also denied communications minister Michelle Rowland’s claims “she met with local ABC bosses during a visit to Perth this week”.

Rowland told a press conference in Perth on Thursday: “I am grateful to ABC management for making sure I was briefed on these matters. I will be seeking additional information regarding specific state broadcasting issues. But at all times, again, I emphasize that ABC has editorial and operational independence. It also operates as an emergency broadcaster, and does so within its own management systems as well. But I made it very clear that the ABC, according to its charter, is there for all Australians, no matter where they live.”