A great after-party for Logie night

A great after-party for Logie night

Among the big changes this year Logie Awards it’s a big behind-the-scenes shift, with an industry after-party ruling everything.

Previous logie events, both on the Gold Coast and in Melbourne, saw the networks host their own after-show parties. It’s always a quest to stage (and attend) the best party of the night, but 2023 will be an easy decision.

A single party will see the talent – and executives – of rival networks side-by-side and dressed. Free to Air will also mix side-by-side with streaming competitors.

This year logie The event has a smaller capacity than The Star, meaning no media will be granted tickets, even for the after-party.

With many of the invitees already based in Sydney, the weekend jaunt to the Gold Coast or Melbourne is replaced by an all-in essentials night out, with most of the talent in their own homes rather than hotel corridors. Of course, none of this is going to stop the odd rebel star’s paparazzi from partying extra (make sure it’s not you!).

Other changes this year include the return of a guest, in the ever-popular Sam Pang, and voting for the Gold Logie continuing reality-style until 10.30pm AEST on Sunday 30th July and showing on Seven.