A Foreign Correspondent deadline

A Foreign Correspondent deadline

Last night’s Foreign Correspondent was the season final on ABC.

The report was also highly unusual given there was no advance publicity or promotion. Indeed even yesterday ABC was unable to confirm what would go to air at 8pm. Even the EPG broadly listed a synopsis about the show being “your passport to the world.”

That’s because reporter Stephanie March had only recently been in the Middle East. Her story took a late turn this week.

“Welcome to Foreign Correspondent. I’m Stephanie March,” she told viewers last night.

“Just weeks ago, we were in Israel and the occupied West Bank to document rising tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. The story you’re about to watch captures a moment in the occupied West Bank before the war. It details events of the past 12 months and gives an insight into this part of this complex conflict.”

Editing of the report went down to the wire yesterday to get the story to air.

But it was all worth it, with March showing viewers two sides of a conflict before a most deadly turn of events.

You can see the report on iview and YouTube.