A fish named Rhonda?

A fish named Rhonda?

Rhonda Burchmore is featured this week Who do you think you are? but if there are any TV executives listening, she has another project she’d like to pitch.

“My fishing show is my dream. I love fishing!” she says TV tonight.

“The name I want to call it is A fish named Rhonda. It would be a bit of a tatted old Graham Norton Show having a glass of wine on the back of a boat with some celebrities!

“I think it’s waiting for it to happen!”

Meanwhile, this week on the SBS genealogy series investigates her mysterious maternal grandfather who abandoned her mother as a child.

In the process, she is thrilled to discover an artist in her family.

On her father’s side, Rhonda finds an intriguing guardian angel, who has come to the rescue of her widowed great-grandmother and her 11 children.

Eventually, she discovers a handsome entrepreneur who has amassed a fortune and left an incredible legacy to the people of Sydney.

Tuesdays at 7.30pm on SBS.