2024 Upfronts: ABC

2024 Upfronts: ABC
  • New drama: Return to Paradise, Ladies in Black, House of Gods.
  • Shaun Micallef returns to ABC.
  • New comedies: Austin, White Fever.
  • Returning: Fisk, The Newsreader, Total Control, Troppo.
  • Factual: Maggie Beer’s Big Mission, Miriam Margolyes Impossibly Australian, Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things, new doco on Coalition govt.
  • Plus Grand Designs Australia, more Gruen, Spicks & Specks, Muster Dogs, Hard Quiz, The Weekly and Bluey.

Shaun Micallef is returning to ABC with a new untitled Entertainment show, there’s a new Aussie-based spin-off of Death in Paradise called Return to Paradise and a new tell-all documentary on the past Coalition governments under PMs Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison.

ABC unveiled its 2024 showcase highlights at an event at its Ultimo headquarters this afternoon, hosted by Chief Content Officer Chris Oliver-Taylor and Head of Screen Content Jennifer Collins.

Other new dramas is a TV adaptation of period retail drama Ladies in Black, Iraqi-Auatralian drama House of Gods plus more of The Newsreader, Total Control and Troppo.

In Comedy, Kitty Flanagan returns for more Fisk, plus new comedy Austin featuring Love on the Spectrum‘s Michael Theo in an acting role and Korean-Aussie comedy White Fever.

Chris Oliver-Taylor told TV Tonight, “In factual we’ve got Maggie Beer, Miriam Margolyes, Tony Armstrong, three really important docuseries coming in. We’ve also got Grand Designs Australia in original episodes for the first time and Grand Designs Transformations, which is original format spun off designs by Fremantle, and more Restorations. There’s many more things in there as well. So I think that factual slate is fantastic.”

Also returning are Stuff the British Stole, Better Date than Never, Spicks & Specks, Muster Dogs, Gruen, The Weekly, Take 5 with Zan Rowe, Hard Quiz -and there’s a 28 minute Bluey special in 2024.

ABC is yet to confirm its News slate for 2024 but TV Tonight understands there are no changes to its schedule.

Further comments from Chris Oliver-Taylor are below.

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Return to Paradise
An original home-grown spin-off of the global hit Death in Paradise, Return to Paradise combines the DNA of the original global smash hit murder mystery series, with a new, unique take, all set against the spectacular backdrop of the Australian coastal landscape. Australian ex-pat Mackenzie Clarke is the seemingly golden girl of the London Metropolitan police force – with an intuitive approach to detective work, she has built a reputation for being able to crack the most impossible of cases. However, she’s suddenly forced to up sticks and move back to her childhood home of Dolphin Cove, a beautiful, coastal paradise and Mackenzie’s worst nightmare. Having escaped her hometown at the earliest opportunity six years ago, Mackenzie vowed she’d never come back, leaving a lot of unfinished business and unanswered questions. On her return, she’s still no fan of the town, and the people of Dolphin Cove are certainly no fans of hers. In fact everyone would prefer her not to be there, including Mackenzie herself. But when a murder takes place in Dolphin Cove, Mack can’t help but put her inspired detective brilliance to good use and determines, despite her reservations, that she needs to make the best of it, including tying up the loose ends with the man she left at the altar six years ago. Created and Executive Produced by Peter Mattessi, James Hall and Robert Thorogood, Return to Paradise features a crack Australian writing team led by Mattessi alongside Elizabeth Coleman, Alexandra Collier and Kodie Bedford. A BBC Studios Productions Australia and Red Planet Pictures production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Executive Producers for BBC Studios Productions Australia are Kylie Washington and Warren Clarke, for Red Planet Pictures Belinda Campbell and Tim Key, and for ABC Commissioning Editor Brett Sleigh. ABC Head of Scripted Rachel Okine.

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Ladies in Black
Following on from the film of the same name and drawing inspiration from the much-loved 1993 novel, Ladies In Black sees the beloved women from Goodes Department Store fling open their shop doors to the fabulous 60’s. The heartwarming six-part drama series takes place in 1961, six months after the events of the original story, where amidst this backdrop of major societal shifts, the women embracing more freedom and independence are forced to confront personal choices and challenges which cast shadows over their once cherished dreams. A Bunya Entertainment production. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Financed with support from the South Australian Film Corporation and Screen NSW. Producers Sophia Zachariou, Angela Littlejohn, Greer Simpkin, David Jowsey. ABC Commissioning Editor Louise Smith. ABC Head of Scripted Rachel Okine. International Sales by ABC Commercial.

COT: “It’s bloody amazing, based on the film and the much-loved 1993 novel. It’s set in 1961 with Debi Mazar, Jessic de Gouw, Miranda Otto in the cast. It looks epic and wonderful, shot in South Australia. I think it’s gonna be brilliant…. I really want all our dramas to be 6 (episodes). If it works, you might get away with 8. We’re finding 8 is a little bit too long, audiences are finding other things. So we think 6 is our sweet spot for drama at the moment.”

House of Gods
It’s election day at The Messenger, a Shi’ite mosque in the bustling metropolis of western Sydney, Australia. In the running to take the mantle of head cleric is the charismatic and visionary Sheikh Mohammad and his key opponent is conservative hardliner Seyyed Shaaker. But when a controversial photo of Sheikh Mohammad goes public, his election bid is derailed. Nonetheless, in a shock victory, Sheikh Mohammad wins the vote 4-3. Unbeknownst to Sheikh Mohammad, his eldest son, Isa resorts to desperate measures to ensure his father’s election. A tale of faith, family, secrets and lies, House of Gods takes audiences behind the walls of an imam’s family and the community he leads, exploring the personal cost of power and ambition. A Matchbox Pictures production. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Financed with support from Screen NSW. Produced by Bree-Anne Sykes. Executive produced by Blake Ayshford, Debbie Lee and Sheila Jayadev. ABC Commissioning Editor Brett Sleigh. ABC Head of Scripted Rachel Okine. International sales by NBCUniversal Global Distribution.

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White Fever
Jane (Ra Chapman) is a cocky Korean-Australian adoptee with a love of hairy white guys – the hairier and whiter the better. When her friends call her out for having a white man fetish she sets out to try and reprogram her libido, reignites a connection with childhood friend, Yu Chang (Chris Pang) and stumbles into the process of finding out who she really is. From hens’ nights to country weddings, moon crystals, “gotcha” days and adoptee dinners, it’s a K-Pop-infused, action-packed, wild ride filled with revelations, surprises and a large helping of Asian pop culture. Created and written by Ra Chapman with writers Michele Lee, Clare Atkins and Harvey Zielinski. A Black Sheep Films, Orange Entertainment Co. and Unruly Productions series. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Financed with support from VicScreen. Producers Katherine Fry and Lisa Wang. Executive Producers Dan Lake, Kurt Royan, Ra Chapman and Rosie Lourde. ABC Commissioning Editors Louise Smith and Todd Abbott. Head of Scripted Rachel Okine. International Sales by ABC Commercial.

COT: “I think it could be fantastic. But let’s see. Korean-Australian -love it!”

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When much-loved children’s author Julian Hartswood (Ben Miller, Bridgerton, Death in Paradise) inadvertently causes a social media storm, his career and that of his illustrator wife Ingrid (Sally Phillips, Veep, Bridget Jones’s Diary) appears to be over. That is until Austin (Michael Theo, Love on the Spectrum), the neurodivergent son that Julian never knew existed, turns up out of the blue. Could embracing this modern nuclear family be Julian’s route back from cancellation? Will Ingrid forgive him for being such a pompous shit? One thing is for certain: if Julian thinks Austin is going to be a push over, he’s in for a rude awakening. A Northern Pictures production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in association with Screen Australia, Screen Canberra and ITV Studios which also handles international distribution. Post, digital and visual effects support by Screen NSW.

COT: “It’s fabulous that Michael Theo has come from Love on the Spectrum to be starring in a comedy with Sally Phillips & Ben Miller. He’s playing a version of himself, as a neurodivergent son of Ben Miller.”

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Shaun Micallef’s Unnamed Project
Shaun Micallef’s Unnamed Project will deliver everything its title promises – and more. The ABC legend returns in 2024 in a brand new show that’s sure to delight taxpayers. “I can’t tell you too much about what we’ll be doing” teased Micallef at a recent Senate Hearing. ’Suffice to say, it will not feature cooking, home renovations, marriage, singing, sport, RBT units, dogs, wilderness survival, quiz questions, news clips, stock footage, wearing masks, border security, amazing races, Lego, sitting on a panel or being marooned on an island in your underwear.” An ITV Studios Australia & Giant Baby production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

COT: “It’s not Mad as Hell it’s a brand new show. Shaun and his famous friends with wonderful fun and frivolity on set.”

Miriam Margolyes Impossibly Australian
Miriam Margolyes is off on a new adventure — and this time it’s personal. Miriam is returning home to Australia after almost a year overseas. But she’s not coming back the person she was. Miriam has had a heart procedure – and it’s left her anxious about the future and her place in it. But she’s determined to get her mojo back, so on the way home, she’ll be stopping at three places she’s always wanted to explore: Perth, Byron Bay and Broken Hill. Miriam hopes these iconic locations will be full of people who can teach her what it means to embrace change and face the future, no matter the obstacles. In this journey of discovery, can Miriam uncover what she needs? Is Australia still a place where we can forge our own futures? And can we, against the odds, find the acceptance and belonging we all crave? Developed and Produced by Southern Pictures in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC and Screen NSW. Distributor: ABC Commercial. Executive Producer Laurie Critchley. ABC Commissioning Editor Julia Hanna. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International sales: ABC Commercial.

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Maggie Beer’s Big Mission
Spurred by the shocking findings of malnutrition from the Aged Care Royal Commission in 2021, Australian food icon, Maggie Beer, leads an ambitious social experiment to improve the meals and dining room experience at an aged care home. Over 4 months, Maggie and a team of experts will upgrade the menu, dining room, gardens and culture to bring more joy and wellbeing to the residents. Together they will overcome limited food budgets and work flow challenges to deliver a nutritious and tasty new menu in a residential aged care home in Perth, Western Australia. The basis of all the food changes will sit around Maggie’s mantra “Make Every Mouthful Count”. This will be 78-year-old Maggie’s most ambitious project to date and the one she will be the proudest of – if the team can pull it off – as it could provide inspiration and a roadmap for a new model of care in aged care across the country. An Artemis Media production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia in association with Screenwest and Lotterywest. Series Director and Producer Laki Baker. Senior Producer Phillipa Hutchison. Executive Producer Celia Tait. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International Sales: ABC Commercial.

COT: “Maggie Beer’s Big Mission I’m quite excited about. I think going into old peoples’ homes and looking at food and asking ‘What are we doing to our older Australians?’ is a really important series and Maggie’s perfectly placed to go in there and try and shine a real light on it out of the Royal Commission of 2021. It was not my commission, I inherited that, but I think it’s a fantastic commission. ”

Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things
In this five-part series, Tony Armstrong unfolds his bike and goes on the road to learn about the untold history of Australia. Meeting everyday Aussies with ordinary things that hold extra-ordinary stories, he hears of natural disasters, of homelands far away, of sports, music and protests. Tony’s on a mission to build his very own exhibition for the National Museum of Australia that tells a little-known history of our country. Tony Armstrong’s Extra-Ordinary Things will see sentimental possessions placed front and centre as we unravel some of Australia’s most defining moments, one thing at a time. A Fremantle Australia production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Executive Producer Sophie Meyrick. Director and Producer Hayden Guppy. Producer Ash Gibb. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones.

COT: “He’s finding particular things and talking about them….sentimental possessions, all those kind of things. It’s fun in Tony’s own wonderful comedic, but also engaging, style. You laugh and cry.”

I Was Actually There
What if our history was told by the people who were actually there? What if this retelling came with all its unvarnished, irreverent and occasionally contradictory humanity still intact? I Was Actually There, from the makers of You Can’t Ask That, will interview Australians who were there when our most defining and memorable events happened. What was it like to witness the miraculous rescue at the Beaconsfield Mine? Or flee the raging waters of the Boxing Day tsunami? Or wag school to meet the Beatles in their prime? Through powerful contemporary interviews with diverse and colourful characters, the show will ask these Australians what they saw, how they reacted and how it changed them. While looking to the past, the series will reflect who we are now and examine why these moments still resonate. A Docker Media production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Finance by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen NSW. Executive producer Kirk Docker. Producers Loni Cooper, Josh Schmidt and Jess Skinner. Created by Kirk Docker, Aaron Smith and Jon Casimir. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International sales: ABC Commercial.

Grand Designs Australia
Grand Designs Australia is all about passion, innovation, risk and reward, and the extraordinary lengths people will go to build their dream home. Host Anthony Burke charts the journeys of some of our most imaginative and ambitious architectural trailblazers, as they push their finances and their families to the limit in their quest to create spectacular homes. From one end of Australia to the other, Anthony will meet and support homeowners as they embark on a rollercoaster ride of dedication, creativity, and endurance. This is Australian architecture at its best. A Fremantle Australia production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Supervising Executive Producer Brooke Bayvel. Executive Producer Michael Collett. ABC Commissioning Editor Jo Chichester. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International Distribution: Fremantle Distribution.

Grand Designs Transformations
Hosted by Professor of Architecture Anthony Burke and introducing award-winning interior designer Yasmine Ghoniem, Grand Designs Transformations features fascinating stories of ambitious homeowners who are transforming their property into the home of their dreams… both inside and out. From the team behind Grand Designs Australia and Restoration Australia, this brand-new series puts Australia’s boldest and most inspired home renovators to the test, stretching their skills, finances and relationships in the quest to create their perfect home. Each episode showcases two unique stories and two stunning home reveals: be it interior design, renovation, or a landscaping makeover. Throughout the series, Anthony and Yasmine are along for the ride, providing insight, expert advice and the odd shoulder to cry on. A Fremantle Australia production for the ABC Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Supervising Executive Producer Brooke Bayvel. Executive Producer Michael Collett. Series Producer Chris Perry. ABC Commissioning Editor Jo Chichester. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International Distribution: Fremantle Distribution.

This Is Going To Be Big
This Is Going To Be Big follows a group of teenagers, living with disabilities and neurodiversity, as they prepare for their first high school musical about the life of John Farnham. With support from heart-of-gold teachers and dedicated parents, this is an intimate observation of students who are often left out of the spotlight. Filmed over nine months, this tender and humourous coming of age documentary explores themes of resilience, friendship, belonging and self acceptance, and the final performance celebrates love and creativity in equal measure. A Fremantle Australia and Truce Films production, produced in association with Australian Broadcasting Corporation, principal development and production funding from Screen Australia, developed and financed in association with VIC Screen, financed in association with Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund and financed with support from Netflix and Abstar Productions. Director Thomas Charles Hyland. Executive Producer David Briegel-Jones. Executive Producers/Producers Josie Mason Campbell for Fremantle Australia, Jim Wright for Truce Films. Producers Catherine Bradbury. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. ABC Commissioning Editor Kalita Corrigan.

Australia’s Open
Through the lens of this unique fourteen-day tennis slam Australia’s Open unpacks the complex journey Australia has navigated to its current standing on the international stage. Examining the events that have shaken and shaped it both on and off the court the film will reveal how the evolution of the event has mirrored Australia’s own journey as a nation, from poor colonial cousin to a mature and confident world player. A Good Thing Production. Financed by Screen Australia, Film Victoria and the Melbourne International Film Fund. Producers Charlotte Wheaton and Nick Batzias. Executive Producer Virginia Whitwell. ABC Executive Producer Rachel Robinson. ABC Commissioning Editor Jo Chichester.

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The Newsreader S3
We first met Dale Jennings (Sam Reid) and Helen Norville (Anna Torv) in 1986 when a fledgling Dale was desperate to be a star newsreader, and Helen was fighting to be taken seriously as a journalist… …now, in season three, Dale and Helen have finally achieved both these long held dreams. Dale is News At Six’s ‘King of News’, and Helen’s fearless international reporting has won her great acclaim… But when a cynical network move sees the two former lovers pitted in direct competition, their kinship will be tested as never before. Over the course of 1989, Helen and Dale will compete to cover a cascade of historical events… from the Exxon Valdez oil spill, to the Tiananmen Square massacre, the boycotts of South Africa’s Apartheid, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. A Werner Films Production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia in association with VicScreen. Created by Michael Lucas. Written by Michael Lucas, Christine Bartlett, Adrian Russell Wills and Niki Aken. Directed by Emma Freeman. Produced by Michael Lucas. Executive Producers Joanna Werner, Stuart Menzies and Emma Freeman. ABC Commissioning Editor Brett Sleigh. ABC Head of Scripted Rachel Okine. Worldwide distribution is managed by Entertainment One (eOne).

COT: “It’s a pretty quick turnaround on purpose. So they’ll be back on this time next year, maybe touch earlier. It’s back in 1989, loads of great stories, it will be fantastic from Werner Productions film and the same cast.”

Total Control S3
It’s been two years since the explosive events of the second season and outsider turned kingmaker, Alex Irving, is completely at home in the nation’s capital. But what she’s about to discover will test her like never before. The think tank run by Rachel Anderson’s reprobate advisor Nick Pearce – the one that made substantial donations to her election campaign – was backed by private interests in order to buy political influence. Rachel stuffed up. And the corruption allegations could destroy them both. As Alex and Rachel battle to control their political destinies, they will uncover the truth about who was behind the dark money. And why. Can Alex achieve the change she’s been fighting for or will it cost her everything? The gripping final instalment of this acclaimed political drama is not to be missed. A Blackfella Films production. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Financed with support from Screen NSW with Screen ACT and VicScreen. Producers Darren Dale and Erin Bretherton. Executive Producers Rachel Griffiths and Stuart Page. ABC Commissioning Editor Louise Smith. ABC Head of Scripted Rachel Okine. International Distributor is All3Media International.

Troppo S2
Six months on, and Ted (Thomas Jane) and Amanda (Nicole Chamoun) investigate a bizarre local murder and an exotic drug ring, whilst Amanda tangles with an old enemy and a new love, and Ted’s past stalks him and his family to Crimson Lake – with deadly consequences. A Perpetual Entertainment and Beyond Entertainment (a Banijay company) production in association with Renegade Entertainment, with major production financing from AGC Television in association with Screen Queensland, the series will have its Australian premiere on ABC TV and ABC iview. Leonine Studios is handling international distribution.

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Helen (Kitty Flanagan) is now a name partner at Gruber & Fisk which means new responsibilities and pressures, largely due to Ray (Marty Sheargold) having other things taking up his time. Things like his new (age appropriate) lady-love and her “fashion profiling” business. Meanwhile Roz (Julia Zemiro) has a midlife crisis, Viktor (Glenn Butcher) resigns as Roz’s assistant and George (Aaron Chen) jumps ship to work for Conch Mediation. On the home front, Helen has finally moved out into a place of her own. But true to form she soon gets her new neighbour offside. And in an ironic twist, Helen and Viktor become the stereotypical, over-emotional, irrational, bickering family members when Dad (John Gaden) decides to update his will. An Origma 45 production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation with support from VicScreen. Written by Kitty Flanagan and Penny Flanagan. Directed by Kitty Flanagan and Tom Peterson. Produced by Vincent Sheehan and Nicole Minchin. Executive Producer Greg Sitch. ABC Commissioning Editors Todd Abbott and Brett Sleigh. Head of Scripted Rachel Okine.

Spicks & Specks S11
Join Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst, Alan Brough and a slew of Australia’s best comedians and stars of the music industry, as they return for another season of Australia’s most popular music quiz show. Also returning will be the music, humour, stories, and games the show is known for– including the Secret Song. Spicks and Specks, there is no substitute. Spicks and Specks is an ABC Production. ABC Head of Entertainment Rachel Millar.

Better Date Than Never S2
Following the endearing and popular first series, Better Date Than Never returns with more stories of a diverse group of single love seekers as they take a huge step in anyone’s life – into the dating world. Looking for love this season will be some returning characters who are continuing their search for that special someone, as well as some new singles ready to step into the dating world. As their stories develop – connections will be made, hearts will break, love will blossom. A Northern Pictures production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Series Director Mariel Thomas. Supervising Producer Jenni Wilks. Executive Producers Karina Holden and Cian O’Clery. ABC Commissioning Editor Stephen Oliver. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International sales: NH Media Sales.

Stuff the British Stole S2
Hosted by Walkley award-winning journalist Marc Fennell (Mastermind, The School That Tried To End Racism, The Feed), Stuff The British Stole returns with a new eight-part season, taking viewers on a globe-trotting, emotional quest for truth amidst bitterly contested histories. The captivating new season will offer an indepth exploration of new remarkable treasures acquired through the years of the British Empire. Expect a spectacular range of colonial bounty, priceless jewels, breathtaking antiquities and swashbuckling tales. An Australia-Canada co-production, co-produced by Wooden Horse, WildBear Entertainment and Cream Productions (Canada) for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and CBC. Major production investment from Screen Australia.Financed with support from the Canada Media Fund, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, Ontario Creates. Produced in association with VicScreen. FremantleMedia will distribute the series world-wide. Executive producers Richard Finlayson and Jude Troy (Wooden Horse), Alan Erson and Michael Tear (WildBear Entertainment) and David Brady and Kate Harrison (Cream Productions). Executive Producer, Creator, Writer and Host Marc Fennell. ABC Commissioning Editor Kalita Corrigan. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. CBC General Manager, Entertainment, Factual and Sports Sally Catto. CBC Executive Director of Unscripted Content Jennifer Dettman. CBC Senior Director, Documentary Sandra Kleinfeld. CBC Executive in Charge of Production, Unscripted Content Nic Meloney.

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Muster Dogs S2
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation hit series is back! Narrated by Lisa Millar, this new series sees five loveable Australian Border Collie pups from the same litter sent to graziers around Australia to train their pups to become working dogs in just 12 months. Under the watchful eye of expert trainers, the puppies and their new owners will hit training milestones before meeting for the ultimate working dog challenge where one will be crowned Champion Muster Dog. This series explores the unique bond graziers have with their dogs and addresses issues facing regional communities in the agricultural industry, including the need to build a workforce skilled in training muster dogs to replace machines. An Ambience Entertainment production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Queensland and Screen NSW. Executive Producer Matthew Street. Producers Monica O’Brien and Michael Boughen. Co-producer John Unwin. ABC Executive Producer Rachel Robinson. ABC Commissioning Editor Jo Chichester. ABC Head of Factual Susie Jones. International Distributor: ABC Commercial. Narrator Lisa Millar.

Take 5 with Zan Rowe
Take 5 with Zan Rowe is back on ABC TV and ABC iview, following two critically acclaimed seasons. Music is memory. Hearing a song can take you back to a place, a feeling, singular time in your life. It unlocks us and has the power to reunite us. You can learn a lot about someone from their mixtape. Join Zan Rowe as she asks extraordinary people to share the 5 songs that made them who they are today. Come along for the journey, and let’s Take 5! Take 5 is Zan Rowe’s popular award-winning Double J radio segment and podcast turned critically acclaimed television series. Across six episodes, renowned figures in music and screen join Zan to delve into some of the most personal moments of their lives. They share five songs that have soundtracked their journey through life and invite us to think about our own. Take 5 is an ABC Production. Created, Hosted and Written by Zan Rowe. Executive Producer Nikita Agzarian. Series Producer Josh Schmidt. Director / DOP Aaron Smith ACS. Producers Zan Rowe, Phoebe Bennett and Tania Doumit.

Back Roads
Fresh Blood
Gardening Australia
Hard Quiz
Media Watch
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
The Weekly With Charlie Pickering
That Pacific Sports Show
Restoration Australia

News & Current Affairs

Untitled ABC News Docuseries
In a landmark ABC News production, this forthcoming series tells the story of politics, ambition and power in the nine years of Coalition government. Following in the tradition of Labor in Power, The Howard Years and The Killing Season this three-part series captures the pivotal moments in the leadership of Prime Ministers Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison – how they gained, used and ultimately lost power. In their own words, key players in this tumultuous period of Australian political history tell all in riveting no holds barred interviews. An ABC News Production. Reporter/interviewer Mark Willacy. Series Producer Caitlin Shea. Executive Producer Morag Ramsay. Head of Investigative Journalism and Current Affairs Jo Puccini.

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Creative Types with Virginia Trioli
Creative Types is a series in which journalist and unabashed arts fanatic Virginia Trioli explores the essence of creativity with some of Australia’s best creative minds. Drawing from all artforms: acting, directing, writing, visual and performing arts, each episode will showcase creative Australians at the peak of their talents and tell the story of the triumphs and occasional disasters of their journey to the top. Our guests will be prolific, influential and inspiring. They will be ingenious creatives Virginia has a fascination with and wants to get to know. An ABC production. Executive Producer Jaya Balendra. Director Stamatia Maroupas. ABC Head Arts, Music and Events Kath Earle.

The Art Of
The Art of… is a refreshing new arts and culture show, hosted by Namila Benson and her team of high profile creative friends. Each episode, we go on artistic missions of epic proportions and try to figure out who we are and how we got here. Every episode Namila and our guest hosts will zero in on an idea they care deeply about. It might be The Art of… Sex, The Art of… Resistance and even, The Art of… Hair! Namila and her fellow guest presenters go on adventures exploring historical and contemporary music and art, speaking to up-and-coming artists and mega stars from Australia and around the globe who can help unpack, illuminate and re-imagine these ideas. As well as meeting outstanding musicians, visual artists and creatives, the audience also follows the journey of our hosts as they grapple with the theme of the episode, what it means to them and the impact it has on their day-to-day life. Each episode of The Art of… is personal, honest and real. The show will also feature art historian slash TikTok juggernaut Mary McGillivray’s exploration of each episode’s theme through art history. The Art of…is an exciting new series that will enlighten, confront, thrill and inspire. An ABC Production. Series Producer Emma Watts. Executive Producer Zoe Norton Lodge. ABC Head Arts, Music and Events Kath Earle.

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Planet Lulin (formerly FANG)
What kid doesn’t love an alien comedy? Twelve-year-old Lulin is living her best undercover alien life in the small Aussie ‘burb of Bogger’s Marsh. That is, until her Astoradian powers kick in and start creating chaos. All Lulin wants to do is win SCI-BOG, the school science Olympiad, but with extra-terrestrial energy and intergalactic invaders tracking her every signal, Year 6 just became a question of survival! Introducing remarkable new talent Nina Gallas as Lulin O’Hara, supported bymultiple Gold Logie Award winning actor Lisa McClune and Australian comedian Zachary Ruane as you have never seen either of them before. A Moody Street Kids and Princess Pictures production for ABC. Major production investment from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Financed with support from VicScreen. International sales by ABC Commercial. Created by Melanie Sano. Producers Pennie Brown, Antje Kulpe. Directors Craig Irvin, Sarah Hickey, Nina Buxton. Executive Producers Gill Carr, Emma Fitzsimons. ABC Commissioning Editor Mary-Ellen Mullane. ABC Head of Children & Family Libbie Doherty.

Cool Stuff with Fizzy and Suds
Take a look at the world through Fizzy & and Suds’ eyes – two animated bubbles who love to explore the real world from a pre-schooler’s perspective. They’re both passionate, curious, and always find something about the world around them that captures their imagination. These effervescent hosts will guide young viewers through a series of topics, from trains and trucks to ballet and dinosaurs. The series celebrates the moment in a child’s life when they discover and develop extreme intense interests. Each episode explores these interests, both new and familiar, in a synapse-crackling way that celebrates enquiry-led play. A Tilt Media and Entertainment Production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Major production financing from ABC in association with Screen NSW. International sales by ABC Commercial. Director Genevieve Clay-Smith. Producer Sam Griffin. Executive Producer Chris Hilton. ABC Commissioning Editor Mary-Ellen Mullane. ABC Head of Children & Family Libbie Doherty.

Tales from Outer Suburbia
Adapted from Shaun Tan’s multi-award-winning book “Tales From Outer Suburbia”, the TV adaption explores when ‘almost thirteen-year-old’ Klara and her sixyear-old brother Pim move to Outer Suburbia with their newly single mother Lucy. The siblings’ summer holiday turns into a series of unexpected and surreal adventures. The family goes on a roller-coaster ride of emotion, encountering weird and miraculous phenomena as they adapt to their new reality. Tales from Outer Suburbia is a Highly Spirited and Flying Bark Productions production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Major production investment from Screen Australia and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Produced in New South Wales and Western Australia with Siamese and financed with support from Screenwest. International sales by the Australian Children’s Television Foundation. Adapted from Shaun Tan’s multi-award-winning book Tales From Outer Suburbia. Directed by Noel Cleary. Creative Director Shaun Tan. Producers Sophie Byrne and Alexia Gates -Foale. Executive Producers Barbara Stephen, Bernadette O’Mahony, Julia Adams and Francesca Hope. ABC Commissioning Editors Libbie Doherty and Jo Boag. ABC Head of Children & Family Libbie Doherty.

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Bluey special
Bluey, the biggest little show on Earth, is getting even bigger with The Sign, a 28-minute special episode premiering on ABC Kids and ABC iview in 2024. ‘The Sign’ is an extra-long episode of the global TV hit show, with a running time of 28 minutes. It is penned by Bluey creator and writer, Joe Brumm, directed by Richard Jeffery, and produced by Ludo Studio. “We’re so excited to share that a 28-minute special episode is coming in 2024. There’ll be lots of laughs, exciting guest voices, and definitely a few tears. We’re so incredibly proud of the awesome team behind the series and we can’t wait for Australia and the world to watch this very special Bluey episode with their family and friends,” said Ludo Studio. This true-blue Australian series is created by creator / showrunner Joe Brumm, Emmy® awarding-winning executive producers Charlie Aspinwall and Daley Pearson, producer Sam Moor and supervising director Richard Jeffery. The series is executive produced by Libbie Doherty, ABC Head of Children and Family, and Henrietta HurfordJones, Director of Children’s Content for BBC Studios. Bluey series 3 is a Ludo Studio production for ABC Kids. Principal production investment from BBC Studios, in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Screen Australia. Post Production, Digital and Visual Effects work undertaken in Queensland, Australia with funding from The Queensland Government through Screen Queensland and the Australian Government.

Ninganah Lullaby special
Ninganah Lullaby was created on the lands of the Bundjalung and Gadigal people. The original song was written and performed by Troy Cassar-Daley and includes Bundjalung and Gumbaynnggirr language. It is set on Gumbaynnggirr Country (his Nan’s / Mother’s Country). For Troy the song is about camping as a kid with his cousins and being asked to settle down and go to sleep – which was always hard to do. It’s about trying to be quiet and still at night time, even though you’re excited. Studio Gilay’s animation for Ninganah Lullaby weaves both human and spirit entities into the story of a young boy (Djardi) who falls into a slightly surreal dream on a camping trip. In his dream he snuggles up on the back of a giant Squirrel Glider and soars above Country. Language, knowledge and kinship are entwined with plant, animal, sky and waterways. In addition, we celebrate lesser known (and endangered) animals around Bundjalung & Gumbaynnggir Country. The Goonge (Ghost) spirits are sleepy little dancers. Their choreography, a rhythmic hypnosis that washes sleepiness over the animals. Original Song Troy Cassar-Daley (Gumbaynggirr/Bundjalung). Creative Director Jake Duczynski. Producer James Hackett and Melissa Azizi. Production Company Studio Gilay (Gadigal land, Eora Nation) ABC Commissioning Editors Margaret Ross and Nicole Cheek. Location of lullaby Station Creek (Gumbaynggirr / Bundjalung Country).

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