10 Watch 7News Spotlight Footage In Libel Trial

10 Watch 7News Spotlight Footage In Libel Trial

Network 10 lawyers are examining the footage of the 7News headlines interview with Bruce Lehrmann before a libel trial.

Lehrmann is currently suing Network 10’s Lisa Wilkinson in federal court, claiming she defamed him by wrongly suggesting he raped Brittany Higgins in Parliament in 2019.

Guardian Australia reports federal court today heard that 10 attorneys subpoenaed raw footage from Reflector’s interview with Lehrmann.

10 and Wilkinson’s attorneys said it may have been contempt of court in the ACT.

The Age also reports it 10 tried to access CCTV footage of Parliament from different camera angles from the Parliamentary Services Department, but that footage was deleted.

Lehrmann was not named in the 10’s broadcast The project, but his lawyers say he was identified by other means.

Lehrmann pleaded not guilty to the charges of sexual intercourse without consent. His trial was halted in October last year due to juror misconduct. The charge was later dropped altogether due to concerns for Higgins’ mental health. Lehrmann has always maintained his innocence.

Lehrmann also sued ABC for libel for broadcasting a National Press Club speech last year by Grace Tame and Higgins.