10 political reporter on ‘gardening leave’

10 political reporter on ‘gardening leave’

10 news first Senior political reporter Stela Todorovic is believed to be on “gardening leave” from the network, having resigned after 3 years.

This was reported by Guardian Australia she resigned last week after losing the role of political editor vacated by Peter Van Onselen, to former ABC reporter Ashleigh Raper.

Such musical chairs, particularly against a backdrop of profile stoushes, prompted further press speculation about how to fill the role.

Todorovic confirmed: “Network 10 has made its decision and now the logical thing for me to do is to consider better options outside the network.”

TV tonight includes the “gardening leave” below.

The network could not confirm yesterday whether she would reappear before her final hiring date.

A spokesperson for Paramount ANZ said: “Stela is a dedicated and respected political journalist based in Network 10’s Canberra Bureau. For the past three years, Stela has reported on the big stories coming out of Canberra, joined the election campaign for federal election of 2022 and led the The women of the house podcast series for Rete 10.

“We wish Stela all the best.”