10 defends dogs that are (very) misbehaving in Australia

10 defends dogs that are (very) misbehaving in Australia

10 defended his next set of dogs Dogs are (very) bad in Australia featuring UK ‘Dogfather’ Graeme Hall.

Based on the British series of the same name, Hall aims to help “Any Dog, Any Age, Any Problem” and their frustrated owners.

The Pet Professional Guild Australia has written to 10 and is supported by several dog training bodies, animal welfare experts, professional associations and animal welfare organizations such as the Australian Veterinary Association, Delta Therapy Dogs, Companion Animal Network Australia and PetRescue .

PPGA warns against using “quick fix” and “archaic” methods to control normal dog behavior and place blame on the animals.

A 10 Network spokesperson said Guardian Australia: “At Network 10 we take animal welfare seriously and have tried to raise the bar with our approach to dog training Dogs behave (very) badly.

“We had a behind-the-scenes animal consultant with a diploma in canine behavior who worked with both production teams…we always went through positive reinforcement training. We have worked extensively with the RSPCA: stories were submitted before filming and we evaluated them against our plans for behind-the-scenes support.

“Throughout production we went above and beyond to ensure that the dogs were the beneficiaries of the process and that best practices were followed at all stages.”

The RSPCA have clarified that they have not approved stories about the production of Avalon, which now premieres on July 20, narrated by Julia Morris.